As a small school, EKCSS will have a unique approach to support the pupils we serve. 

Our provision will be based around building personal relationships with each child, understanding their strengths and recognising their potential. By working solely within their year groups, our staff will know your children as individuals, so we are able to provide the teaching, the help and guidance they will need to achieve their best. 

Through our long-standing, successful relationship with the Isle Sheppey, we will design our curriculum to meet the individual needs of the young people. This will include an ambitious curriculum, designed to ensure that all pupils start their secondary experience knowing that we are focused on their next steps into employment or further education at Level 3 (A-Levels, apprenticeships or Level 3 qualifications).

EKCSS will provide a full range of academic subjects in the National Curriculum, offering pupils the opportunity to experience a wide and rich curriculum throughout KS3, exploring where their individual talents and interests lie, as well as a very strong focus on core subjects, particularly reading, personal development, life skills and professional studies. 

At the end of KS3, our students will have the opportunity to choose between a range of pathways that suit their own ambitions and are appropriate for them as individuals. This will include the full range of academic GCSEs, preparing pupils for A Levels or other academic post-16 routes. In addition, there will also be a range of other pathways for young people who are interested in technical and vocational learning and would like to balance their core curriculum; English, maths, science with creative subjects such as, dance, drama or technology and engineering. Students will have the opportunity to combine the academic with vocational courses and depending on their individual ambitions and abilities, or they can choose to study one of our two specialisms: Creative courses or Engineering. These programmes are designed in alignment with Sheppey College and will provide a direct route to the outstanding provision and facilities for our learners to progress to Level 3 and into employment.

EKCSS will operate in the same way as all the EKC provisions, completely focused on having high expectations and high aspirations for all the young people and working closely with families to ensure we help every one of our learners to achieve their full potential.


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