The decision to open two secondary academies on the Isle of Sheppey is not one that has been taken lightly. It is the result of thoughtful planning and is aimed at offering multiple advantages to the local community.  It is also part of a wider set of proposed changes to the education system for the island which includes additional SEN places as well as improved alternative provision.

More Choice

By establishing two high-quality academies, each with its own focus and ethos, we are significantly expanding the educational choices available to parents and students on the island. While both academies will offer both academic and vocational subjects the specific curriculums will be designed to complement each other, offering the broadest possible subject choices to students and ensuring that every young person can pursue an educational pathway that aligns with their interests and career aspirations.

Increased Capacity and Resources

The involvement of two multi-academy trusts increases the capacity and resources available for education on the Isle of Sheppey. This approach will create a robust and sustainable educational environment for generations to come.

Partnership and Competition for Excellence

While LAT and EKCST will be operating the two academies separately, they are also committed to working together in partnership, putting the needs and aspirations of the Isle of Sheppey families first. Having two academies on the island will also allow for healthy competition where each academy will be striving for excellence, thereby raising the overall standard of education available on Sheppey.

Real Choices, Real Impact

The two-academy model aims to provide parents and students on the Isle of Sheppey with a real choice between two high-quality academies. Having two high quality education providers will have a real impact on the long term prospects of children on the island.